A Voice of the People, NOT a Puppet of a Party

About Marv


Brief Bio.

  • Education:
    • BS University of Maryland;
    • MBA Pepperdine University;
    • Naval Flight School;
    • Naval War College;
    • Defense Systems Management College.
  • Military experience:
    • Retired Colonel, United States Marine Corps;
    • Combat veteran.
      • 872 combat missions during two tours in Vietnam, one tour flying helicopter gunships, one tour flying attack jets.
    • Over eight years in command, major leadership positions.
    • Have managed multi-million dollar programs for the Department of the Navy.
      • Never had a program schedule slip or cost over run.
  • Private industry.
  • Held senior management positions with private industry.
  • Married.
    • Two daughters, two step children (one daughter, one son).